Apology for using English; my German is almost good enough for me to read with, but not for me to write in!

Some of your "Sortierung" can be done automatically, I suppose you know?

Now that your category problems are being solved, I suggest that you do more with categories. More than half of your categories are uncategorized. All of the German "States" could be in a Deutschland category, to start with.

I suggest you look at the top-level category in the Cities wiki (a Wikicity very like this) - - for ideas of how places, features, Hilfe, and pages about running the wiki can be collected in suitable high-level categories.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Robin Patterson 00:04, 28. Feb 2006 (UTC)

Hello Robin, thank you very much for your compliments and four your suggestions concerning the categories. I put all Bundesländer into the country-Categories and I'm still thinking about a system for the other kind of categorie - I'm sure I will find something. --Silberchen 20:14, 28. Feb 2006 (UTC)

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